Restaurant - Pizzeria

A smile, a shady terrace and delicious aromas wafting through from the kitchen.
Happiness comes naturally here, seated just a few steps away from the crystal-clear sea savouring our home-made pasta, freshly caught fish and meat from local farmers. As you bask in the sun, the sea breeze whispers happy new thoughts of delicious flavours, quality and tradition. There’s a little bit of Sardinia in every bite, as you admire the islets dotted around the gulf that silently bear witness to unrivalled beauty and matchless food.
And in the evening, when the moon rises high in the sky in search of new stars to keep it company, sit back and enjoy our delicious pizzas: simple fare able to guarantee endless pleasure.


You will be staying between the mountains and the sea; adjacent to a long scented pine forest; and a sea as soft as silk.
Everywhere the benign sun and small islands, like china castles, that you can swim to. At night, the safe embrace of a thousand stars to accompany you till morning.


Every day opens with a gentle dawn and closes with a splendid sunset.
During the day, sun, shade and perfumed breeges - and our tireless attention to your needs and wishes.